This is a fantastic sixth plate daguerreotype with original seals and a nice book-style case that is coming loose on the inside only.  The photograph is tinted very nicely.  The photographer is signed on the mat "Welling - 226 Bleecker St."  This was Peter Welling who had a studio in Brooklyn, New York.  In the back of the case it also says "Taken by Welling 226 Bleecker St November 26th, 1855".  The cloudy areas around the top of the image are on the coverglass only as I see the reflection in the actual daguerreotype.  Killer image!  Price SOLD
Absolutely stunning sixth plate originally sealed daguerreotype in a full split case.  The lady is beautiful unlike 99% of the skags you see in daguerreotype images.  She has great subtle tinting to her bonnet.  Superior photograph!!  Price SOLD
Here is a killer sixth plate originally sealed daguerreotype in a full split case with silk pad.  The image is free of any imperfections.  He has a great look with squirrel pelts hanging off his rifle.  This is one of the best daguerreotypes I have ever found.  Next to the horse image I bought last year, this is amazing.  Price Sold
Here is a really nice sixth plate daguerreotype in a full case that is starting to split at the hinge.  The dag is unsealed, but free of major defects.  The lady is attractive and sits in a nice pose.  I liked the look of the image so I bought it to offer on here.  Price 185.00
This is a very nice and early sixth plate dag in a half case.  I am sure the image is originally sealed, but I do not want to force it out of the case to see.  She is a very attractive and pleasant-looking 19th century lady.  I love the look of her and if you haven't noticed, I really like images of children and attractive females.  They just have more pizzaz than your typical male dressed in his Sunday finest.  I love this image.  Price 265.00
This is one of the most touching sixth plates I have picked up in the last year.  It is an unsealed sixth plate (I had to break the seals as the coverglass was opaque) in a half case.  The image is pretty much flawless except for the usual solarizing.  This image needs a new coverglass and resealing to protect it.  The image just has the "it" factor.  Price 475.00 SOLD
Here is a really nice unsealed sixth plate daguerreotype of a little boy on his hobby horse.  These toys were amazing back then.  I wish I had the original horse.  This image has a few issues here and there.  The biggest complaint I have is where the mat slid against the dag in the upper left corner.  It isn't a big deal, but it is there.  Image is fairly clear, but could use a new piece of coverglass.  Cool period photograph!!!.   Price SOLD

Nice originally sealed sixth plate daguerreotype of a little boy sitting on a chair with his big hat.  The image is clear and my new scanner accentuates the dust.  Image is clear and also comes in a scarce "Lady with Palm Branch 2" split case.  Good stuff as always Price 150.00
I had to scan this with the case as the case is absolutely beautiful just like the young girl.  The image is an early originally sealed 1/6th plate daguerreotype probably from the late 1840's to very early 1850's.  The composition of the girl is perfection.  My new scanner accentuates the dust, but the image would be superior if the image was resealed with new glass.  It still displays perfect and I won't break the seals to enhance it.  The case is killer except for the spine is just starting to separate at the top.  Amazing image. Price 325.00
First off this is an ambrotype, but I put it in this category since it is a civilian.  This sixth plate ambrotype is absolutely perfect.  The image is basically mint and the content is crazy awesome.  I wish I had this original hobby horse in my house.  Image is perfect and comes ina half case.  Price 550.00
Here is a great quarter plate daguerreotype in an early full case.  The case is scarce and called "the lady with palm branch."  The image has been resealed with new coverglass.  The photo shows a mason standing in a makeshift studio.  The white line you see on the left side is part of the partition or wall.  The only problems with the image are a couple of mold specs around the top of the image.  Image is cool in that he has his cane and a large medallion hanging near his bellybutton area.  Cool image and I would love to know what this guy was doing at the time.  Cool....Price 650.00
Here is a great Rufus Anson quarter plate daguerreotype in a pretty nice "Lady and the Falcon" union case.  The case is about average, but the image is very nice.  The image is signed by Anson on the mat and also stamped into the actual daguerreotype plate as a hallmark.  I have never seen an Anson hallmark on the plate before.  The image is free of problems other than an area to the left of his head along the mat which is a light mold area.  Nice strong Anson image like most of his are.  Pretty decent case too.  Price 375.00 SOLD
These aren't daguerreotypes, but I put them in this category because how unusual they are.  Both are ninth plate tintypes of dogs in very heavy cast iron frames.  The log on the left has a crease towards the top and the other little guy has an artist card behind his image.  Both of the frames are in good solid condition which would be expected.  These babies are heavy duty.  This pair of images was most likely done at about the same time as the frames are identical.  Great pair of rustic photographs!!!.   PriceSOLD
Here is a sixth plate tintype in an ornate wooden frame.  The picture of the dog is very clear with a couple of creases in the upper right corner area.  I think this tintype and frame have been together forever.  Nice image that came with the two dogs above.  I am animal crazy this week.  Price sold
Superb sixth plate originally sealed daguerreotype in a half case.  The thing that appealed to me with this image is her bonnet.  The photographer did a great job of coloring the bonnet.  It is a nice sharp image that would pop with new coverglass.  Killer sixth plate. Price sold
Here is an originally sealed sixth plate daguerreotype of a post mortem young child.  These pictures are so sad, but I understand completely why they were done.  When people cringe or get grossed out by these images, it makes me realize that they just "don't get it"...These images were cherished by the family and should be cherished and preserved by us collectors.  I only own a few post mortems, but they are well cared for and safe.  This image comes in a full case and has lots of crud on the coverglass.  Sad, but they are actually beautiful images.  Price 450.00 SOLD
This is a killer originally sealed sixth plate in a full case.  The image is signed by Williamson, who in my opinion, took the best images of children out of all the daguerreotypists that existed.  His images are just awesome in every way.  This image shows that wonderful bond between mother and child.  One of my favorite things about daguerreotypes is the emotion you see within.  These images captured the human spirit 165+ years ago.  Just a beautiful photograph in every aspect.  Price NFS
Nice sixth plate daguerreotype in a nice full split case.  The image is signed on the mat by Mclees, Philadelphia.  Mclees and Germon were expert daguerreotypists during the era.  This image is not sealed.  There are some spots here and there including one faint one on her forehead.  Nice image with a great pose.  She has striking blue eyes. These artists really knew how to bring out the emotion in images.  Price 300.00
Here is a nice sixth plate daguarreotype in a half case.  The image has it's original seals although there are some newer seals on top of those.  If it was resealed, it was a long time ago.  The image is clear of mold spots, scratches, etc.  Other than some haziness in the corners, it is pretty sharp.  Nice post mortem image cherished by someone's family long ago.  To be cherished now.  Price 385.00
Here is a fantastic quarter plate daguerreotype in a full case showing a man with his kid in front of the house with the wife in the doorway.  Image is virtually flawless except for brown stain at center bottom.  You don't find images like this very often that don't have condition issues.  This photo has very old seals, although they may not be the original 19th century seals.  Superb image that pops off the plate and in killer condition. SOLD
Here is a great sixth plate ambrotype of a man and his faithful little companion.  This image has great composition and the dog stayed completely still.  The man has a very content look on his face.  Nice image in a half case.  Price 350.00
Here is a nice pair of sixth plate daguerreotypes of the same lady.  Both images have the original seals and only one comes in a half case.  The image of the lady by herself is exceptional.  The tinted bonnet makes the image and the sharpness is second to none.  Nice images I wanted to sell together as they belong that way.  Price sold
Here is a great lot of 3 ambrotypes.  The two on the ends are sixth plates and the middle is a ninth plate.  All three come in half cases.  All these images show the same guy.  The first image is the man with his large dog, the middle shows him in a great wheel cap, and the final image is him again in his cool hat with buddy.  Nice lot of images. Price 375.00
Here is a nice pair of sixth plate daguerreotypes in full split cases.  I believe both images are of the same little boy.  They are both unsealed images with new glass.  I had to break the original seals as the glass was horribly corroded.  Now the images are safe.  The tinting on the first image is excellent.  Price for the pair 375.00
Here is a nice sixth plate daguerreotype with original seals in a full early case.  Nice image that should look real nice with new glass.  Untouched image with even the original bends on the preserver of the image.  Price 100.00
Here is a really nice originally sealed quarter plate daguerreotype of a little boy and his grandma.  The best part of the image is his wonderful hat.  The two larger scratches you see on the image are actually just the old coverglass.  This image would look so much better with a new piece of glass, but I didn't want to break the seals.  Image has a half case.  Great period clothing and the dag came right out of a defaulted storage locker in Colorado last month.  Cool image ....Price 450.00 SOLD
Here is a fantastic sixth plate daguerreotype which was resealed a long time ago.  The photograph shows a young woman with her guitar.  She has the Flamenco guitarist look to her.  The table is tinted as well as the flowers.  It is a super image in great condition with nice composition.  All around superb.  Price SOLD - I have added a few different scans to show coloration better
Here is a fantastic tinted ambrotype of a young woman.  The image is a 1/3rd plate which is larger than a quarter plate, but smaller than a half plate.  The image is creamy with wonderful tinting to her dress, table, and flower arrangement.  The flower arrangement is actually painted right onto the glass plate.  Image also comes in a full split case with a beautiful blue velvet pad on the lid.  Superb image in every respect.  Price 750.00 SOLD
Here is a superb sixth plate originally sealed daguerreotype in a half case.  The coverglass has some smudges and crud on it, but the image looks pretty much prisitine.  The man has a wonderful look and the lady has a great tinted bonnet.  Overall just a nice image with great composition.  They aren't stiff and uncomfortable like you see in dags a lot of the time.  Price 385.00 SOLD
Here is a nice quarter plate daguerreotype in a full push button case with metal hinges.  The image shows a young deceased child in bed.  They are resting against a large pillow.  Image is nice with just some minor scuffing around the oval mat opening because the image wasn't a perfect match for the mat.  The image is just a tad smaller than the mat.  Nice post mortem image and cheap considering what some of them sell for...sold
Exceptional sixth plate unsealed daguerreotype in a half case.  This image show two young friends or sisters with wonderful tinting to their dresses.  The one has red while the other has blue and either yellow or very light green.  You just don't see this kind of tinting very often.  Great image in every respect.  Price 425.00 SOLD
Sixth plate resealed daguerreotype in a full case.  The image shows a young child with their doll.  Nice image and rarely do you see dolls with the kids.  Neat image.  Price sold on ebay SOLD
Sixth plate daguerreotype in a full split case.  Image is not sealed but doesn't have many issues if any.  The red tinting is the best part along with that cool chair.  Nicely don'e image that is way better than my scan.  Price 325.00 now sold
Sixth plate originally sealed daguerreotype in a full split case with wonderful blue velvet.  Image is really nice and untouched.  I love these images that haven't been messed wtih.  Price 175.00
Ninth plate daguerreotype originally sealed in a full case showing a young man with his tools of his trade.  Nice occuapational image that are hard to find nowadays.  Price 1200.00 SOLD
Probably the best half plate daguerreotype I have scored in a few years.  This half plate comes in a full split case and has the original seals intact!!!  The image shows a pretty debonair man with a great beard and no shirt.  In the 24 years I have collected cased images this is only the second time I have seen a shirtless man.  Is he a performer?..a weightlifter?...a magician?.  Who knows, but it is an awesome photograph.  There is no damage to the plate at all. scratches, smudges, srcapes, mold spots, oxidation, etc.  The spots you see on the closeup are just part of the dirty coverglass.  Killer image worthy of the best collections.  Price 9,500.00 SOLD
This is a fantastic and early sixth plate daguerreotype with original seals.  The image is very tight in the case, but I can see the seals around the edge.  Image shows a deceased child.  The case is also a leather full split case I have never seen before.  It has a large swan on it and silk pad.  This daguerreotype would look amazing with new coverglass.  These post mortem images are extremely sad, but they served a purpose 165 years ago.  It is our responsibility to care for them now. Price 550.00 SOLD
Probably the most historic daguerreotype I have ever had the pleasure to own.  This is a full cased half plate daguerreotype of the Freeman and Co.'s Express.  The company operated in downtown San Francisco right in the heart of the Gold Rush.  The image is most likely from 1850 or 1851.  This express company was eventually bought out by Wells Fargo.  Freeman and Company Express was in the business of shipping letters and packages, as well as communication.  This image surfaced at a gun show a few months back and was thought to have been lost.  When I talked with Drew Johnson (Curator of Photography & Visual Culture at Oakland Museum of California) he said this image was published a long time ago in the past, but was thought to have been lost as he hadn't seen any sign of it for 25 years.  You can see two of the old articles about the company.  The image also comes with two pieces of jewelry associated with Wells Fargo.  I can't express how rare Id'd California images are...throw in the fact that this company probably did a lot of dealings with miners of the Gold Rush...The condition is as seen in the larger scans.  I think the image was without coverglass for a number of years, but the rarity of the image is undeniable.  Price 18,500.00 or trade for some insane civil war images or the equivalent price in really high end daguerreotypes.  I also collect WWII German helmets or SS cloth.  SOLD SOLD SOLD
Here is a great tinted sixth plate unsealed daguerreotype in a full ratty case.  The image shows mom and child both with red tinting to their clothing/bonnet.  It is a nicely done image with some solarization here and there.  Good image.
Price 275.00
Here is a great artist marked sixth plate originally sealed daguerreotype.  It comes in a full case that is splitting at the hinge.  It is a nice pleasant and peaceful post mortem of a middle aged woman.  It is nice and clear with cruddy coverglass.  Nice image Price 385.00
This is a fantastic half plate daguerreotype in a nice full case.  The image shows two parents adoring their child.  It is a super clear and clean image with one tiny mold spot to the right of the dad's head.  Super image that is sharp and in great condition for being 165 years old.  It amazes me how half plate dags used to command high prices, but now they are so much more reasonable.  I buy any and all that I find for good prices.  Price 325.00
This is a cool sixth plate daguerreotype in a full split case.  The photographer and people in the image are both identified.  The photographer was Amos Willes who was an artist in Ravenna and Portage, Ohio in 1849.  In the back of the case is an older ink id that says "Rhoda ? Loveland and her daughter Frances Loveland who was about 9 yrs old"  Rhoda and her daughter Frances were from New York  according to the census records.  Cool image with some spotting, etc but great combo of artist and sitter's names.  Price 250.00
This is an awesome and huge daguerreotype of a pretty young woman.  The image is what I guess you would call a 3/4th plate as it is bigger than a half plate, but smaller than a full plate.  The size of the brass mat is 6.5 X 5.25 inches.  I don't know if the image is sealed as the glass is in there so tight I don't want to pry it out.  The image is spotless other than dusty.  Image is great and a large size you don't see often.  Half case only ...Price 1200
Nice resealed quarter plate daguerreotype of a young girl named Helen A. Huggins Bergen.  This image has great tinting and is free of any defects.  The case shows it was taken by Bogardus in New York City.  Great all around package with nice image, great ID, and a famous photographer.  Price 375.00
Here is a nice double half plate ambrotype of an old ugly woman and presumably the estate she lived at.  The image of the house is wonderful and the reason I bought it.  The image also comes in a nice double half plate union case with the same motif on both sides.  The case is probably half the value of this package.  Nice images and case Price 475.00
This is a nice double cased daguerreotype in a mother of pearl "memorial" case.  The case is in pretty good condition with no tears.  Both daguerreotypes have old seals and look to have been taken at the same time.  I once thought that the lady was the same person, but now I think they are different people since both images appear to have been taken at the same time.  Nice unusual post mortem close up photograph.  Most of the spotting on that image will come off with hot water if you decide to do that.  Price for the pair/case 450.00
Sixth plate ambrotype in a half case showing a decreased child with tinted flowers.  Image has some honeycombing, but is solid and stable.  Sad image to say the least.  Price 250.00
Another sixth plate ambrotype of a deceased child laying in bed.  These images sad but they were important back then as they are today.  Price 250.00
Here is a nice quarter plate originally sealed daguerreotype in a half case.  The image shows what looks like an older man in the middle surrounded by much younger men around him.  Maybe a class photograph from a college?  Image has filthy original coverglass and a few green mold spots here and there.  Nice image fresh from an estate.  Price 750.00
First off, thanks to Gregory for contacting me and alerting me to the ID of this famous California house.  This house was built in Benecia, California by Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo for one of his daughters.  The town of Benicia was named after Vallejo's wife.  Vallejo built two identical homes with the other one being in Sonoma, California.  This half plate daguerreotype is the home in Benicia.   Instead of typing out of novel in terms of who General Vallejo was, I have included his wikipedia page.  I have also included scans of what the house used to look like and how it stands today.  It is known as the Frisbee/Captain Walsh House. This half plate was originally sealed when I purchased it and only the coverglass has been replaced.  There has been no cleaning, etc to the photograph.  There is one moldy green spot in the sky.  There is some bluing on the fence and in the grass at the bottom right of the image.  There are no bends, scratches, swipes, etc.  It is in amazing condition.  A very important Gold Rush Era photograph of a house very close to San Francisco.  A large half plate image and the man standing closest to the camera may be General Vallejo although I cannot guarantee that.  I believe the image was taken at the completion of building and then presented to his daughter.  Important Californio image. 

Please see wikipedia for more info on Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo  Price 15,000.00 - SOLD
Here is a mint condition large half plate ambrotype of a young boy with his hat.  The image is stamped by Brady's Galleries in the lower right and the full case is in excellent condition also.  Image about as good as the day it was made.  Price 1500.00